Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hello BrainFoodies!

I hope everyone is doing well :)
We have some exciting new projects and books that are on deck so let's get to it!

First of all, the BrainFood Appetizer Sampler should be available to both reader
and retailer alike very soon from our distributor at!

The Appetizer Sampler contains excerpts from all our current and some upcoming titles
including "Eben 07", "Dinoman", and "The Slightly Askew Adventures of Inspector Ham & Eggs"!
If you can't commit to buying any of those just yet, try em all out with this handy digest-sized collection! Full color, 28 page TPB - On sale soon for just $6.99!

On that note, have you all purchased your BrainFood edition of
Eben 07's Operation: For Love of Russia? If so, good on ya!If not, what are you WAITING for??!! It is all kinds of awesome, guaranteed!
Not to mention that the BrainFood edition of Operation: Mongoose as well as
the latest collection, Operation: 3-Ring Bound are also going to be available soon!
Annnnd if you just can't get enough of Eben 07's adventures
(and who could blame you)
check out the Full Disclosure Podcast by Mr.'s Burgoon and Bethel, themselves!
And if THAT's not exciting enough, Dinoman's eagerly awaited Issue 2 should
be up and about any day now! It promises to keep getting better and better, folks!
No lie! This title will go down in history as putting other superhero books to SHAME!

Oh...I know what you're thinking. It can't POSSIBLY be any more great news!
Dear reader, I ask you, would good ol' Lauren let you down? To this I say "Nay!"
Last but not least we have an addition to the "Ham & Eggs Side Dishes" family:
"Buddy Cops" following the story of Detective Jack Valentine Jones
before the story arc of Ham & Eggs Volume 1 promises to be a very welcome new branch in the series! Conceptualized and written by our newest BrainFood family member,
Chris Caravella, (everybody say hi to Chris! let's make him feel welcome!)
and illustrated by yours truly. Check out these tasty morsels ;)

Sadly this is all I can show you for now, but it's gonna be good!

That is all for now, dear readers! Can't give away everything just yet!

Stay well, friends