Saturday, December 12, 2009

Hey gang, don't forget that two great events are happening NEXT WEEK!!!
The first is the official release of "The Slightly Askew Adventures of Inspector Ham & Eggs" Volume 1 TPB! Tell your local shop to go to the Retailer section of this site for info on how to stock up on this and other great BrainFood titles!
Secondly, but no less importantly, the second Anniversary of the offical Ham & Eggs headquarters, amazing supporters of Indy Comics and Stephen Lindsay and myself,
Comic Book Jones!!

If you're in the New York area come on over this Thursday, the 17th for an absolutely fantastic event! Stephen, Myself, Bryan JL Glass, Evan Dorkin, Ken Haeser, Ben McCool, John Broglia, Alex Robinson, Mike Lilly and more! It's sure to be a blast and we'll be selling and signing some great Ham & Eggs swag!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Good day, dear readers!
I hope that all those who celebrate the gorge-fest known
as Thanksgiving had a wonderful time with family, friends and feast!

We here at Brainfood have much to be thankful for, this year!
What began simply as a means to publish our first series, Ham & Eggs
has quickly grown to be so much more!
We are thankful for the amazing talent our friends, Eben Burgoon,
Daniel Bethel, Ben Cohen & Jeff Cohen have deemed to share with us!
We are even more thankful for their friendship and shared enthusiasm for
comics and the fellow creators who make them!
So I raise a toast (whichever beverage you choose is fine)
to these fine individuals, and to comic creators, publishers, sellers and (most
importantly) readers everywhere! Without you, it would not be possible.

And it is with equal cheer that I announce Issue 3 of Inspector Ham & Eggs
is now available for purchase!
Hoorah, we say, Hoorah!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

GREAT news, Dino-fans!
We're uber-excited to announce that the first issue of
Ben & Jeff Cohen's DINOMAN is now available
for purchase at!
Do yourself a favor and pick this hilarious book up today!
You WON'T regret it!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

We here at Brain Food Comics promised exciting news, and exciting news we shall give you!
I am very pleased to announce that Brain Food Publishing is now the happy home of not one,
but two great titles!

One you may be aware of already, as it is currently one of the greatest web comics to grace your screen! That's right, Eben 07: the official comic of the Intelligence Cleaner Agency, is now part of Brain Food! Num Num!!

Eben Burgoon, Dan Bethel, Stephen Lindsay and I are very excited about this! With two collections currently being sold (the second available for pre-order through their site, and plenty of material ready to be printed, Eben 07 promises to pack just as powerful a punch in print as it does on the interwebs! Check back for more news on this in the very near future, but in the meantime you can enjoy a preview of the first two books in the Titles Section of this site! (And also on their website)

As if things couldn't get any better, we're also the proud soon-to-be publisher of what promises to be a great new series! Dinoman, by Ben & Jeff Cohen features sharp wit and illustrations that will certainly leave you wanting more! This is not your average superhero comic, folks! Hell it's not your average dinosaur comic! (not to be confused with Ryan North's Dinosaur Comics)

You can see exclusive previews of this exciting new work, also in the Titles Section!
Whoo doggy! All this great news has me spinning!!!!

Keep checking back for more news, and a very hearty welcome hug to Eben, Dan, Ben & Jeff!
Welcome to the family, guys!!

-Lauren Monardo

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Greetings, one and all, to the new (and dare I say, IMPROVED) Brain Food Comics web site!
There's been a lot of wonderful and exciting happenings with our little upstart of a publisher,

Our original series, "The Slightly Askew Adventures of Inspector Ham & Eggs",
has reached the conclusion of its first volume! The long-anticipated Trade Paperback
is now available for pre-order through!

More exciting news to follow, and SOON!